Do you need to be more Zen? My pawpular pink meditation technique might help. Just follow these steps: Face east. Place your front paws firmly on the ground. Squint and visualize that you are in a pink bubble. Take seven long in-and-out breaths, focusing on the word ‘Dolly’ during the in-breath and ‘Boston Buddha’ during the out. Observe your breath. You live in a dog-eat-dog world so you might feel moments of stress. Release the tension by letting your mind wander to idyllic Planète Suzanne.  Shed your pink bubble. Repeat three times. You will experience bliss and life will be rosy.

I like to chant afterwards, but that step is optional.

Ohm, Ohm, Ohm…

Dolly the Boston Buddha

Photo: Ezra Soiferman

Meet Brody, one of my most talented students! 

Dolly teaches Brody

Collage: Nicky Khang

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